Everything I like and dislike.

i'm in gryffindor!

Basics first:
Name is Judith
Age is 20
Studying Development Communication
Majoring in Development Journalism
At University of the Philippines Los Banos

Associate Director for Logistics and External Affairs (11-12) of UP Alliance of Development Communication Students.

I write poems. Everyday.
I read. Everyday.

Unwell like what the song says.
Fragile like a glass.
Difficult like a math problem.
Vulnerable like a naked virgin.
Green like a porno movie.
Tough like your favorite shoes for hiking.
Messy like my room.
Bipolar like the climate.

Edit: I told you guys that if somebody could change me, people should thank him or her. Well please thank my boyfriend.


Dear UP Pep Squad,


I hope you are not too heartbroken by your defeat, if you can even call it that.

We UP non-athletes can never know how much effort, time, and sacrifice it takes to become as good as you. But we see it in every toss, every backflip, and every pyramid that you guys execute.

We also saw the…


T-Mobile Sing-A-Long in Trafalgar Square: Hey Jude (X)

One of the most popular and greatest Beatles songs, Hey Jude, was released on August 26, 1968 - 45 years ago today.

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I’ll love you forever, Sid. That’s the problem.

—Cassie Ainsworth (via ichirukki)